Misu (Mihai) Teisanu

  Untitled Winter Landscape  

216740 Untitled Building in Winter

Framed Antique Oil on Canvas
Image Size 30 x 40

Misu Teisanu was a Romanian visual artist who was born in 1884. Several works by the artist have been sold at auction, including 'Seduced' sold at auction in 2012 for $13,258. The artist died in 1944.


(1884 - 1944)


19 Feb 2003 Author: Tudor Octavian


 "The painters that are evoked in this panorama of forgetfulness are not cases in themselves, but cases marked in some categories. Like Oskar Schmidt, who gives the name of a whole pleiad, in that we will probably never know more than we know about her now, Misu Teisanu is, in fact, the name of a talented class, complaining as manners of a theme stupid but convenient. The best known of these is Octavian Bancila, the socialist with a drowning of children and a luxury car, who, at liberals, broke the market with hundreds of "lilac bouquets" and "gypsy ducks". Imagery of a bad taste so individualized that it could have been licensed. But a bad taste, which, relying on an aggressive impulse, prompted the sympathizers of his technology to feel that they had access to the August tactile paintings of the "Museum" painting.

The situation of the pictures of Petre Bulgaras was not very different. Apostol Manciulescu, the short, vanity and shabby, otherwise a naughty man of penelin, also delivered "Manciulescu Gypsies." Better socially crafted, with some exceptional successes in the cultural landmark graphics (Eminescu - Luceafarul map, volume "After the snails", by Ion Barbu, Queen Maria's Basil's books), Aman Museum's custodian and guardian, Misu Teisanu , she specialized in oriental perfume pastels representing all the "Women on the Divan". Not completely empty, just as they feel the availability of dreams and erotic laziness. In Paris, the Brailean - who knew the small advantages of a wealthy city - went to work as a painter at the Julien Academy's workshops, where Bouguereau, Baschet and Toudouse were teaching fashionable paintings, whose novel was the guarantee of a successful craft. What is strange and absolutely remarkable in some Teisanu's youthful landscapes is the Viennese spirit of them. If you do not know that he studied in France, you might think he stayed for years around some of the Austrian Sezession or the Munchen Jugendstil. Some views of nature in pastel and oil have an ardor and purity of living that does not in any way affect the spiritual needs of the world in which it has formed.

Misu Teisanu is forgotten as a good painter and he only remembered as a welcoming painter for a wealthy and superficial audience.

In the preparation of the artist, many professors insist on craftsmanship. Those who star on the question of the vault of any creative life - What kind of painter do I want to become? - they are few. In the absence of a convincing verb, they prefer to argue the virtues of a journey through their own work, their relationship with society and the main concerns of the age. It is said that you have to find your own way, but by absolutizing this urge, it would mean minimizing the role of aesthetic learning. A cultivated painter does superior spiritual reporting. Misu Teisanu had the instinct of an artist-painter, but everything he left as a work, after having given a good life and became an approver of wealthy circles and minor cultural preoccupations, shows that he did not have a history teacher good art. Or he did not believe what he had learned.

Misu Teisanu was exactly the artist he wanted to be. Very pleased with what he had come out of underneath, he never suffered because he did not dare to want more. An art dealer explained to me what that negative standstill was. When everyone wants more and you get equal in winning, staying is actually a fall. Like most of the brothers who studied in Paris, Misu Teisanu did not want to become a painter as famous as the great artists of France, but to return to the country and to count among the first in Bucharest. Teisanu did not forget. Compared to so many contemporaries who fail to reconstruct their biography, not to see their paintings, he is a painter with works circulated. The prestige, enjoyed by the "Luceafarul" picture map, looks unmerited on the entire stock of pastels, depicting sleepy, dormant bedrooms. Whoever buys Teisanu's oils from 1910-1920 discovers a true artist, a perfectionist on small surfaces, with the memory of some European masters of the best condition. "

19 Feb 2003 Author: Tudor Octavian


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