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This is just a small sample of the works available by Dr. Seuss. Click here to see the complete listing of Dr. Seuss works.
The Great Cat Contiuum

The Great Cat Continuum

Mixed-Media Pigment Print on Archival Canvas
Image Size 26 x 39
July 18th

Cat in Obsolete Shower Bath

Mixed-Media Pigment Print on Archival Canvas
Image Size 36 x 28

60th Anniversary Celebration Prints, The Grinch & The Cat in the Hat


We have a large selection of Unorthodox Taxidermy in the gallery. Please call or email if you have any questions.


Some of our Dr. Seuss art is framed in a floater style mat,

this shows off the art and not the frame. Click here to see an example.

A Small Sample of Seuss Releases


Can't find what you are looking for? We have many sold out pieces, please call for information.

Both the Secret Art Serigraphs and the Illustration Art Lithographs are Hand Pulled editions. Using the Highest quality archival materials available. These are heirloom quality pieces made to last many lifetimes.

Secret Art Serigraphs

Unorthodox Taxidermy

Illustration Art of Dr. Seuss

Bronze Sculptures

Special Collection


Here is a copy of Audrey Seuss Geisel's letter on the release of the art of Dr. Seuss


I retain a most vivid picture of Ted standing in his studio before his easel, palette in hand, brush poised. He would lean forward and then back on his heels, head cocked to one side and then the other. This artistic "dance" step was repeated over and over again. He enjoyed working after midnight - seldom during the working-day hours. He did not consider painting to be "work," so it had to wait till late at night. Painting was what he did for himself and not something he felt comfortable in sharing. I recall a particular oil painting - now known as "A Plethora of Cats" - in which there are dozens upon dozens of cat heads of all different sizes. There was never an actual moment he could feel he had indeed finished - that is, he painted the last feline head. He would periodically step back and put it aside for a while. Then, inevitably, when the spirit again moved him - or he was on book hiatus - he would find room for just one more cat face. This happened over and over again. I have attempted to recall the very last cat face with special tenderness, but I cannot. I remember telling Ted that there would come a day when many of his paintings would be seen and he would thus share with his fans another facet of himself - his private self. That day has come. I am glad.

Audrey Geisel
La Jolla, California
May 1995
© 2000 The Chase Group, LLC. All rights reserved. Dr. Seuss Properties ™ & ©
Dr. Seuss Enterprises, L.P. 2000. All rights reserved.


This historical exhibition will touch on various aspects of Ted Geisel’s artistic career including: • The Early Illustrations
• Advertising Works
• World War II
• The Economy
• Into Obscurity
• Inside the Illustration Art
• A Collection of Unorthodox Taxidermy
• The Secret Art collection
• Works from the Dr. Seuss Estate
• The Dr. Seuss National Memorial and sculpture garden

The exhibit will draw together, for the first time, material from prominent and previously unseen private collections, the University of California at San Diego archives, the Lyndon Baines Johnson Presidential Library, and the Dr. Seuss Estate.

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